Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baker's Girl

When I first read about Baker D. Chirico, I thought to myself, "How good could it be, really?"

Well, the thing is, I always read reviews about how good a place is, but more often than not, I get really disappointed. But seeing as all the reviews for Baker D. Chirico were super positive, I decided to head over to the temporary pop-up store to give it a try.

And omfg, the raspberry frangipane tart I tried did an "OOMPH" dance on the palette of my fussy tongue! Yeap, it was that good. The second time, I went for the pear tart. And it was as mind-blowing. Both the tarts that I had were so light and crispy... They were simply splendid!

For the sake of my sweet tooth, I really wished if only Baker D. Chirico could stay permanent in the city. But fortunately for my pocket, the pop-up store closed down on the 1st April and since then, I've been thinking about the deliciousness of the tarts.

But when my cravings kicked in really bad, I knew I had to make a trip down to St. Kilda. I asked SuperKev along, and together, we took the tram down and alighted at Fitzroy Street. A minute of walk later, my heart thudded when I spotted this familiar logo...

Oh, yum! ♥

We arrived kinda late, so there weren't much choices left.
But it was good enough, because I spotted TARTS!!! :D :D

I had the rhubarb frangipane ($6) which I really really loved! ;D

SuperKev's caramelised pecan with honey tart was also $6. I could tell that SuperKev totally adored his tart because he kept going, "OH, THIS IS SO GOOD!" I call that: food orgasmic! Haha! :P

And a cuppa mocha to complete my day! Ah, the bliss~

Baker D. Chirico on Urbanspoon
Here's the details of this tart paradise! MUST GO OKAY! :D

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