Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cafe Vue! :D

As I've been travelling to and fro St. Kilda Road for work, I've been noticing the shops along the way while I'm on the tram. I can't remember if it was my 2nd or 3rd day to work when I saw this pretty restaurant. Very familiar, I thought to myself.

Of course it is; Cafe Vue has been reviewed by quite a number of foodies around Melbourne. I've read about them a while ago from the foodie blogs I've been following. Now that explains why.

So since the day I laid eyes on this pretty sign, every time I pass by the cafe on the way to work, there's this strong urge that tugs at my tummy.

And I finally made my way in today! Hurray! :D I sat just right opposite the counter, where all the desserts were displayed beneath and boy, I had my eyes fixed on them the wholeeee time during lunch. :P

While we were waiting for the food, I walked over to have a look at the array of beautiful, colorful desserts. And these macaroons were so pretty that even being a no-big-fan of macaroons that I am, I was still quite tempted to try them, somehow. But we didn't in the end.

I totally love their idea of serving bread in a mini cloth "rucksack". And may I say that they have very fragrant butter - I looooikey! :D

My good buddy, SuperKev and I decided that instead of going for burger or sandwiches, we'd rather fork out that little bit extra to try out the Menu Du Jour. 

For my entrée, I had scallops with truffle pomme mousseline and artichoke purée. Anything with the word 'truffle' sends excitement down my spine. I'm officially a big fan of truffles! The scallops were very fresh and the sauce added a "super-zhng" to the intensity of the taste. Not to mention the artichoke purée, it was fanbloodytastic.

SuperKev is allergic to shrimps and crabs but yet he decided to have the soft shell crab with tomato and cumin sauce. I must say it's a very good choice. The soft shell crab was awesome and it went REALLY well with the sauce. Thumbs up! (Although SuperKev was like GRRRR when he started to itch! LOL!)

We had to wait quite a while before the mains came. But it was all very well worth it. My miso marinated barramundi with clams meunière was nais! Especially the clams! I love them more than I did the barramundi. ;)

SuperKev's braised beef cheek & baby vegetables. Although I'd usually prefer beef to fish, I didn't order the beef this time around because having learnt from experience, I knew that beef cheeks would have a lot of gelatine. But being the fats-lover that SuperKev is, he loved it a lot. :P

We could have chose the 3 course meal but I'm glad we did not. The difference between a 2 course and a 3 course is $10. But although I really wanted to try the pear tarte tatin, this pear tart I ordered from the counter was only $4.50. So yeah.

Café Vue at 401 on Urbanspoon
If I'm not mistaken, I think the Menu du Jour that we had is only available at the St. Kilda branch, and not in the CBD. :)


Carrie said...

I love the scallops with truffle pomme mousseline and artichoke purée! Looks so Yummy!

- m i c h e l l e - said...

It is yummmmmy! I have to admit that the entree is wayyyy better than the main. But I cant decide which is better cox I love SuperKev's soft shell crab too! Are u in melb? GO TRY!

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