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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bittersweet Cupid Cuppies

Love, in my opinion, is a bittersweet relationship, with the exact right mix of ups and downs; laughters and tears; heartache and romance. As this cuppie also has it's own proportion of bitterness and sweetness put together in one, Bittersweet Cupid suits this cuppie perfectly right.

Aren't cuppies meant to be sweet? Why bitter, you may ask? Indeed, the cuppies are sweet and lovely. But the reason why I say that the cuppies have a proportion of bitterness is because it's main ingredient is this:

White Chocolate. Of course I'm aware that white chocolate is much sweeter if compared to milk and dark chocolate, and that white choc is actually not classified as "chocolate" at all as it contains no cocoa solids.

Indeed, unquestionably, white chocolate originates from cocoa plant, but it lacks the "chocolate flavour" due to the absense of the chocolate liquor which is what that gives the milk and dark chocolate their intense, bitter flavour and colour.

It's just the ingredients that is different, but white chocolate is made the same way as both the milk and dark chocolate. So, I'm going to consider White Chocolate as a chocolate still. And chocolates are a mix of both the sweet and bitter element. ;)

Strawberries! :) I haven't been eating strawberries for quite some time already now, as I haven't been frequenting Victoria Market of late. I've been terribly lazy. Tsk tsk tsk. *shakes head*

Oh, and I love how this picture turns out so temptatious-looking! So reddish. *giggles* I've been a big sucker for the colour red recently, and I've got no idea why. 

The batter before they go into the oven - they smelt really good!

I was so excited, I took a peep inside the oven every 10-12 minutes when the cuppies were in the baking. And the 2nd time I checked on my cuppies, voila, I see mountains of my Bittersweet Cupid cuppies all rising. I was so happy, I had to take a photo of it to share. :D

Quote the brudder, "Cuppies don't like taking photos!"
But they still turn out looking all gorgeous, no? Teehee. 

How about a cuppie for tasting? :P

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