Friday, September 26, 2014

Fat Friday #2 - Tall Timber

I've just finished drooling over Msihua's post on Tall Timber when my colleague, Shell, yelled out from behind, "What are we having for our Friday lunch, Mish?"

"How about Tall Timber in Prahran?" I replied. 

And that was how the both of us found ourselves at this cafe with bright and large, open airy space. The decor matched its name well - Tall Timber - with off white brick walls, and tables with timber top.

I particularly loved how the communal table had a little indentation in the center to hold the beautiful flowers.

We both really liked the venue and atmosphere - it was very casual, relaxing and a little hipster-ish. Definitely makes a great spot for weekend brunch or catch up with friends. ;)

I don't usually have coffees on weekdays, I only have a cuppa once in a blue moon during weekends. But it was a mocha kind of day that particular arvo. But boy, am I glad I did order one.

It was a really good cup of mocha - smooth, and very well balanced. As for the food, I knew what I was going to have even before we stepped foot in the cafe.

Oh my, Timber Benedict! Just look at how stunning this dish is. I was in awe. Slow-cooked pork shoulder, two beautifully poached eggs with apple cider hollandaise sauce on sourdough toast.

The pork shoulder was so tender and went perfectly well with the egg yolks and hollandaise sauce. The flavours were great and I loved it.

The only thing though, is that I felt there could have been a little more sauce as the second piece of toast was left rather dry and a little too hard which left me struggling a little towards the end.

Shell went for a healthier option and chose the spiced chicken and wild rice salad, with beetroot, chickpeas, feta, coriander, mint and yogurt. She loved the flavours just as much as I did my benedict, but thought there wasn't enough chicken to go with the tasty salad.

During lunch, I saw a couple of people come in just for a little treat and coffee. I was eyeing their almond croissant which looked really good but I was a little too well-fed, otherwise I would have gotten myself one of these sweet treats. 

Some complained about how awful the service is, but Shell and I thought otherwise. Menu and drinks came right after we were sat down, and it didn't take long before our food was delivered.

The wait staff was attentive, and came to check in on us to ensure all was good. I'm guessing they must have stepped up their game. 

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All in all, a fantastic experience at Tall Timber. I like the relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and most importantly good food and coffee. I can't wait to be back again, maybe with The Boyfriend as I'm sure he will love the Timber Benedict.

Just as I was about to leave, I noticed that they had this communal table out at their backyard. Paired with a couple of tables outdoor, this is a perfect spot for those who wants good food and a little more Vitamin D over the weekend. ;)

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend, guys!


BakingTray said...

This place is just down the road from my work! it's really nice yeah? we sat outdoors last time and it was such a nice atmosphere ^^ I love the plants on the wall.
and YES! the Timber benedict was SOOOO GOOD!!! glad you enjoyed it :)

The Bakeanista said...

Oh you lucky thing! So nice to have such a great cafe located just down the road.

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