Monday, August 11, 2014

Frying Colours - The Korean Eating Place in Kensington

I love that there are more and more Korean restaurants opening up here in Melbourne. I reckon every suburb should have at least one good K-restaurant, at minimal.

I've heard so much about the "Korean Eating Place" in Kensington - Frying Colours for a while now, but haven't had the chance as yet. So, when an opportunity came up for me to head down West to catch up with my ex-colleagues at Frying Colours, I jumped at it!

I loved the fit out of the place, it was very industrial-like and I liked the idea of having an open kitchen up the front with the menu display sitting right atop.

We decided to start with some quick bites and sides such as wasabi-slaw as per recommended by the wait staff, whilst the 3 of us indecisively peruse the menu.

I was thrilled to find kimchi and pork homemade dumplings on the menu. I last had it in Korea and loved it.

And may I say, FC also make really good ones. The owner, Min, mentioned that they make their dumplings fresh every morning.

The dumpling skin was SO silky smooth, and the filling so very tasty. I wished I didn't have to share. I wanted the whole plate to myself!

Amidst all the chatter that was going on, we did manage to finally decide on what to have. The two of them weren't big sharers, and wanted a dish to themselves so we did that.

Mr. D loves his spice. He adds chilli pepper flakes to everything. So of course he could not go past the Super Spicy Cheesy Chicken Sizzle.

And as its name suggest, it was indeed a plate of sizzling goodness - nothing quite beats the combination of spicy, cheesy, and tasty.

I had the flame-grilled beef scotch fillet which I thought was nothing to shout about. Whilst I appreciate how tender and juicy the meat was, I felt it lacked the "oomph" in flavour.

The meat had a nice subtle smoky flavour from the char-grill, but I guess I was wanting more. I was craving K-food so much that I wanted a burst of flavours in my mouth, and this unfortunately did not deliver that for me. But of course, this is my issue.

The flame-grilled pork belly that Miss S had on the other hand, was AMAZING! The pork was chargrilled to perfection and each bite was packed with flavour. I was having food envy!

And because I wasn't quite satisfied, I suggested that we share a plate of fried chicken. They both agreed, with a condition that they'd go for it only if we have it with spicy sauce and I thought heck, why not!

It wasn't as spicy as I thought it'd turn out to be. In fact I felt it was more like sweet chilli than spicy. But I think I would have preferred the original version.

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All in all, a pleasant experience at Frying Colours. Ambience was fantastic, service was friendly and although there are some room for improvements, the food was overall pretty good.

So yes of course, I'd return again... but mainly for the dumplings. Actually, just GIVE ME THOSE DUMPRINGS PLEASE! One whole BIG plate would be amazeballs. :P

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