Monday, December 2, 2013

The newkid in town - Operator25

"Hello, this is Operator 25, how can I help you?"

"I'd like to have some yummy food please."

"Certainly, hold on a minute and I will put you through..."


It was a warm, Spring day, The Boyfriend and I took a slow walk to Wills Street, the quieter side of the city.

We made our way into one of the heritage listed building where the new Operator25 cafe is nestled within.

We were welcomed into a modern rustic interior with exposed brick walls, warm lighting and big smiles from the wait staff who ushered us to one of the long benches at the corner of the room.

The sun was out to play that particular weekend so to quench our thirst, we started off with a bottle of Stolen Recipe ice tea each.

The Boyfriend opted for Berry & Pomegranate whereas I chose to have the Classic Peach. I liked that it wasn't too sweet - in fact it was just right and sure was very refreshing!

Being the indecisive (and greedy) girl that I am, having to choose something off the menu is usually the hardest task. But this time I was quick as I've checked out the menu even before we arrived and already knew what I wanted.

The suckling pig burger stood out most just at first glance. Valerie who hosted us also recommended that we try the House Benedict with smoked salmon. Hmmm... sounds good to me! Both The Boyfriend and I nodded in agreement at her suggestion.

The House Benedict was spot on! Instead of the usual egg muffin, the perfectly poached eggs sat atop a generous amount of smoked salmon and crispy, potato rosti patties. It was a perfect combination!

Not everyone can get the hollandaise sauce this creamy and delicious (trust me, I've had several bad experiences) but Operator25 did a fabulous job! Paired with the oozing yolk, ahhh so incredibly heavenly!

Although I really enjoyed the House Benedict, the suckling pig burger stole the limelight. Served with sweet potato fries and small pieces of perfectly fried pork cracklings... I may sound a little exaggerated here, but words alone really cannot describe how delicious it was!

The mix of pork belly and pork shoulder was tender, juicy and well marinated (think Balinese babi guling marinade).

Sandwiched between the well-buttered brioche bun, it was like an explosion of flavours just dancing about in my mouth! I kept pausing with every bite to go, "So good babe! So good!"

It was also my first time having sweet potato fries and I think I'm a convert! T'was so so yummy! :D

I was tempted to end our meal with a Tonka Bean and Coconut Sago dessert, but we were too full to stomach anymore food so I settled with a mini white chocolate mocha. Teehee! :P

The Boyfriend could tell how happy I was with the meal because I was constantly rubbing my happy belly in glee smiling. I was really very very satisfied, and may I add I haven't felt like this in a long time!

Before Operator25 came along, there weren't any good brunch places in the Melbourne CBD that I'd rave on.

All of the good brunch places that I love are either out in the suburbs or a good ride away - Proud Mary and Breakfast Thieves in Collingwood, Mart 130 in Albert Park, Cafe Sweethearts in South Melbourne, Reading Room Cafe in Footscray and the list goes on.

So I am needless to say very happy now that I don't have to venture too far for good brekkie.

Mummy dearest is arriving in a couple of weeks - I cannot wait to bring her here! I'm sure she will love it as much as The Boyfriend and I did.

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As we walked out the door, The Boyfriend said, "This is one of the best free meals I've ever had!" I too, cannot agree more at how satisfied my belly was! Thank you Operator25 for having us! We'll be back! :)

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