Friday, June 14, 2013

Boost your immunity with AntiOx!

UPDATE: Huge congratulations to Sharmistha and Amy (milkteaxx) for winning the two AntiOx prize packs. If you could please drop me an email at with your mailing addresses, I can get your AntiOx prize packs mailed out to you. If we don't hear back within 48 hours, I'm afraid we will need to pick a new winner.

Almost every year I fall sick when there's a change in weather especially when winter draws in, but *touch wood* this year, I've been quite fine. How is that possible, you ask?

Well, I've simply changed my diet and I'm definitely eating a lot healthier now - even my manager (who used to shake her head in disgust at the kind of food I used to eat) is impressed. ;)

I put in my best endeavor to consume the recommended daily dose of fruit and vegetables. It also helps that I love Japanese green tea, and without fail, I'll have at least one big cup a day.

My diet, now rich in a variety of natural antioxidants has definitely helped improve my once-frail-immune system. But of course, there are also days when I feel oh-so-slack and simply can't be bothered.

That does not necessarily mean that I have to chuck my healthy eating aside... I can now still do it the delicious way - simply by nomming on AntiOx Snack Bars and Chocolate. ;)

I know right... A healthy chocolate that is high in natural antioxidants and will help boost your immunity?

It sounds too good to be true but hey, the AntiOx range are not only easy, delicious snacks, they also harness the potent power of antioxidants by combining dark chocolate with superfruits and grains.

I have to admit that I was quite skeptical of its taste when I first received the range of AntiOx Snack Bars and Chocolate to trial but I must say that I actually really enjoyed them.

Even more so to know that I don't have to worry about feeling guilty for indulging in these because they are sweetened naturally with stevia instead of sugar, hence contains no additional calories. WIN!

Read on and who knows, you might be one of my two lucky winners to walk away with some AntiOx Chocolate enough to keep you going for a month or two. ;)

AntiOx Snack Bars come in three varieties - from top to bottom, Chia & Quinoa; Acai and Goji. These snack bars are soft, chewy and surprisingly yummy!

I have to say that amongst all three, I like the Acai one most which is fantastic for me as acai berries have a higher antioxidant capacity than any other known berry. ;)

The AntiOx Chocolate, on the other hand, is available in only in two flavours - namely the Acai (left) and Goji (right).

As you can see highlighted on the packaging, these superfruit berries covered in sugar-free, 70% cocoa dark chocolate blocks contains a very high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins; and comes in handy when all I want to do is binge.

They do make good 3pm snacks and considering how it is quite rich, all I need is two squares of chocolate and that's enough to keep me happy.

Can I also add that one block of AntiOx chocolate is equivalent to 12 cups of green tea? That's a whole lot of goodness. Just say you want to win some already! ;)

Consumed along with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, these AntiOx Snack Bars and Chocolate will help equalize the free radicals that cause ill health within the body, especially during winter when we are more susceptible to colds and flu.

And because I care for all of you, I'd love if you too could boost your immunity and keep the nasty cold or flu bug at bay this winter, so...

I am giving away TWO prize packs courtesy of AntiOx! Happy or not? ;) 

Each prize pack includes the following:
  • 6 x AntiOx snack bars (RRP $2.49 for a 40g bar size)
  • 4 x AntiOx chocolates (RRP $4.65 for an 80g block)  

For your chance to win, all you have to do is to leave me a comment and tell me why do you want to try the new AntiOx snack bars and chocolate? T&C's applies.

Heeheehee, do you like my Paint art work? xD
Entries are open until Friday, 28th June at 5pm (AEST) so keep 'em comments rolling in! The two winners will be chosen based on creativity. Good luck! ;)

If this sounds like your kind of thing, you can find the AntiOx Chocolate and Snack Bars in the health section of Woolworths, health food stores, pharmacies and convenience stores.

Please note that whilst this is a Product Talk by Nuffnang, all opinions are 100% honest.


BakingTray said...

Ohhh! I would love to try AntiOx bars because it's healthy snacking =) Won't feel guilty about eating chocolate :)

milkteaxx said...

wahhh chocolate and upping the anti-oxidant! yumyum! i would like a prize pack simply because i love chcolate of all kind, i dont think i can go one day without chocolate in some shape or form! as such my skin keeps breaking out so i think these would be a healthier alternative for me~

Annie said...

LMAO i love that Mr Bean pic!

msihua said...

Hahaha what a cute post! Chocolate for immunity? Bring it on!

Suzi Leung said...

Having been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I have been without chocolate and any other delicious sugary treat for months now - and it's been torture!!! I would love to win this giveaway so that I can indulge guilt free in some yummy chocolate, and know that I'm not harming myself or my baby in any way :-)

Suzi Leung said...

Having been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I have been without chocolate or any other delicious sugary treat for months now - TORTURE! I would love to win this giveaway so that I can indulge in delicious chocolate guilt free, knowing that I am not harming myself or my baby :-)

Rantings and Ponderings said...

Am trying to reduce additives and chemicals from my diet - looks like I may have found the solution to those sweet cravings... and we all know chocolate is an extremely necesary food group

Julie said...

I love to try antiOx bars because I am trying to cut down my sugar intake and hope it has more positive effects on my health :)

Sharmistha said...

This winter I have vouched to be healthy and ready for summer. However a woman and chocolate can never be parted which hinders me from reaching my goal. Dark chocolates are my absolute favourite and a combination of berries with chocolate is an absolute win! And the level of antioxidants it has, I am FLOORED! This is exactly what I need and absolutely have to have!

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