Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Komeyui @ Port Melbourne

So, I was tossing between either Shoya or Komeyui for the Boyfriend's birthday dinner last Friday. I asked  my fellow Twitter friends for suggestion, and Liz highly suggested Komeyui.

After reading her raving review and drool-worthy pictures, I could not say no to trying out Komeyui Japanese restaurant. 

Everything was going well - the wait staff were so friendly and we were seated almost immediately after having my name ticked off the reservation list.

However, things started to take a downturn from thereon. After we were seated, we were not attended to by any staff member for a good 15 minutes.

Nobody offered us the menu nor any water to start with, until I flagged one of the waitresses over. We had wasted almost half an hour by the time our orders were taken.

My tummy was rumbling in hunger but it had taken the kitchen close to half an hour before the Chawan Mushi was served.

The Japanese steamed savoury egg custard was really good and unique with little treasures such as a piece of chicken and gingko nut, hidden inside. But at $12.50, it was also one of the most expensive Chawan Mushi I have ever eaten in my life.

The next dish was the Wagyu Rump Steak which also took a good while. When I say a good while, I really meant like another half an hour. Maybe they were trying the catch the cow, eh?

Moo Moo, Y U NO let them catch you?!! Thankfully though the charcoal grilled wagyu beef with grated radish & soy based sauce was beautifully cooked. But still it wasn't worth the wait.

I told the Boyfriend whilst waiting patiently for the Chawan Mushi, "It's okay if the service is slow, so long as the food's mind-blowing." I take my words back!!!

Half an hour after they've cleared the plates, the manager then came over to report that they're sorry but they've ran out of otoro sashimi. SERIOUSLY?!! It took them more than 1.5 hours to realize that they've ran out? Meh.

Unsure of how big the portions were, the plan was to order more after we've finished the first order. But considering how long it has taken them, I was fed up and ready to leave. 

At some point, I told the Boyfriend that we should get the bill and leave. But him being the more patient one said, "Since we've already waited this long, might as well just wait for a little while more."

It's a good thing that the Soft Shell Crab Roll was served not long after. The Boyfriend loved the fried soft shell crab with avocado, spicy mayonnaise, flying fish roe and lettuce roll, but what I don't understand is, WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG?!!

How hard is it to fry the soft shell crab, then roll them with all the other ingredients in sushi rice? Wouldn't take the professionals even 10 minutes, would it? Ah well, at least the Boyfriend enjoyed it!

At this point, I was feeling extremely displeased despite the amazing food - in short, Komeyui has failed to meet my expectations.

I did plan to give the Boy a short simple "Happy Birthday" message surprise on the dessert plate, but I was so upset to the extent, I did not want to have dessert.

So, it did take us both by surprise when they brought over two plates of desserts and started to sing "Happy Birthday".

Before I could ask why, the manager said, "This is from your friend, Edward." It was a really nice gesture and an unexpected surprise too. Edward, if you're reading this by any chance, thanks for the shout! :)

We were served with Komeyui Japanese castella sponge cake with green tea and black sesame ice cream. I ain't no big fan of castella cake, but I did enjoy the green tea ice cream.

I think this dessert is the yuzu slowly cooked with rice wine, served with Japanese citrus sherbet. The sherbet was too tangy for my liking, but I really liked the yuzu. 

Komeyui Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon
I was initially surprised, but now I finally understood why the restaurant was not even half packed when we stepped in.

The food was good, the ambience was perfect, the staff were extremely friendly BUT service was too slow. Horrendously slow, if I may add. And I... well, let's just say I'm not the most patient person. 

I really wished I could say that the Boyfriend and I had a good night, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. I was fairly disappointed with the extremely slow service and felt like a horrible girlfriend because the dinner did not run as smoothly as I'd expected it to.

So, until they pick up their pace, I can't see myself returning to Komeyui. But I really hope that they do something about it, because I'd love to go back for the good food.

Now to think of where I should take the Boyfriend to make up for this meal, although he did say to me, "The food was actually good, babe." If only I was more patient... If only.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sounds like a place to go when you want to burn hours catching up with friends but def not when you are hungry!

The Bakeanista said...

Oh, no way! Definitely not when hungry. You gotta be really patient if you want to visit this place!

Iron Chef Shellie said...

Wah :(

Well I know where I WON"T be going!!

The Bakeanista said...

Shellie - not for the time being, no. but hopefully they pick up their pace! because their food is pretty amazing.

msihua said...

Wah! So sad. I always recommend this place. Means it's going badly? *sniff*

Libby said...

Oh no! I had a pretty good experience there for lunch so I was surprised to hear that yours was terrible (then again, there was only one other diner apart from me) :(

The Bakeanista said...

Msihua: I know, I read your blog post also. Sigh, I realy hope it was just that night!

Libby: Maybe I need to visit them during lunch then! I might have more luck.

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