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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gimme some N2 Extreme Gelato now!

I have to admit that I can be quite a big kid sometimes. It was no surprise how excited I was when I stepped into N2 to find geeky-looking waitstaff donned in lab coats and science safety goggles, whipping up fresh gelato!

I've heard all about N2, and needless to say, I had them on my to-go-list for day 2. It was hilarious how we stumbled upon the shop though.

The Boyfriend and I were just wandering around Chinatown, finding our way back to the hotel for a quick nap and when I saw how funky the decor was, I stopped to have a closer look.

"OMG babe, it's N2! It's the liquid nitrogen gelato place I told you about. Can we go have some gelato now?" I'm not sure if it was the heat, his love for ice cream or my puppy eyes that worked, but sleepy boyfriend said YES! :D

Picture credit to N2 Extreme Gelato
They have very interesting flavours but the Boyfriend and I went for boring but nice Shorty - vanilla gelato with shortbread.

Here's a smokey picture of my gelato being made fresh to order! I really do like the concept, and I was so intrigued by the idea of using liquid nitrogen.

Here's how it works: Ingredients added into mixer bowl using test tubes, along with liquid nitrogen; funky KitchenAid machine works its magic; liquid nitrogen freezes the mixture and TADAH - ice cream for me and you! Very gimmicky, but I like! :D

Yeap, that's the huge tank of liquid nitrogen you see in the background!

The Shorty was so deliciously smooth and creamy. I find it a tad sweet, but no ice cream can be too sweet for the Boyfriend.

They do melt rather quickly though, but it did not take the Boyfriend and I long enough to lick the bowl clean. ;)

N2 Extreme Gelato on Urbanspoon
The Boyfriend loved it so much that he said we should return again that very same trip, but unfortunately 3d2n was just too short to cover all the places I wanted to visit.

We'll be back again, N2! See you when we visit Sydney next, hopefully soon. :) And that my friends, wraps up my Sydney posts (for now!).


BakingTray said...

i went there too last year! it was a must visit as well! But because it was near Xmas time there were only those kind of flavours ... mint.. fruitcake.. (don't really like them) so i had gingerbread .. it was ok but was a bit bland..
also I think because I had just eaten REALLY GOOD icecream at Messina ^^ have u been there? its SOOOOO GOOOOD!!

The Bakeanista said...

I've never been to Messina, but it's been on my list. Gotta make sure I try during my next trip!

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