Wednesday, May 9, 2012

St. Ali

Ever since my arrival here at Melbourne 5 years ago, I've heard many good things about the awesome coffee Melbourne has to offer.

One of the popular places that constantly pops up if you were to ask the "Where can I get good coffee?" question, was the ever raved about South Melbourne based cafe, St. Ali.

I've been quite hesitant to visit St. Ali because it is apparently very hard to get a seat, but I finally found myself at the warehouse-turned-cafe (or at least it looks very much like it) and we were lucky enough to get a table just with a short 10 minutes wait.

If ever you're coming in straight from the pub and need a good wash up before breakfast, they've got it all prepared. ;) Haha, "with winnie the pooh toothpaste" - Love that quirky sense of humour!

Nothing quite like a good cuppa coffee, as the caffeine addicts would say. True enough, they serve pretty good coffee - smooth and easy to drink, but I wasn't WOW-ed. Well, I might be expecting too much.

The brother had the Groundhog Day - egg and bacon pide with raddish, mustard and apple remoulade.

Whilst it was done really well, I'd just say it's like a slightly grande version of a bacon and egg sandwich really.

I, on the other hand, couldn't say no to the My Mexican Cousin when I saw the words 'secret recipe corn fritters', I was sold.

The fritters were also served alongside baby spinach, halloumi and kasundi with poached eggs.

The kasundi (tomato relish) was really nice and goes very well with the corn fritters, but it wasn't a dish I would shout about, really. 

Oh, except maybe the perfectly poached eggs! Look at the gooeyness!

All in all, my visit to St. Ali was pleasant, I'd say. I have no complaints to make, but at the same time, nothing to really shout about either. 

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In my opinion, St. Ali is just simply overhyped, and this Saint did not live up to its reputation at all. So yeah, I'm not sure if I'd be returning anytime too soon, or any time at all.

Oh dear me, I do sound quite like a food snob, isn't it?


Michelle Chin said...

not too mention, pricey too. :(

The Bakeanista said...

Oh yes, and that too!

Iron Chef Shellie said...

Not a coffee drinker so I'll probably never end up here! Glad I won't be missing all that much!

The Bakeanista said...

We're both on the same boat then! :)

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