Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chez Dre

I had this post sitting in my draft list since Chez Dre was newly opened and I recently read that they were celebrating their 1st year anniversary. That was almost a year ago! *gasps*

So, I figured it's about time, after 6 (or was it 7) visits, that I actually sit down to finish this post that I continuously kept adding more pictures to. 

For some reasons, this 2-8-7 door reminds me of the Enid Blyton story books. It would read something like, "Behind this pretty blue wooden door, was a heavenly paradise the chef dwarfs work hard at to bring wonderful delights to the villagers of Conventry Street."

Hahaha okay, just ignore me! Opps! xD

Every single time I walk in to this warehouse-turned-cafe, the beautiful aroma of coffee paired with pastries fills my nostrils with lots of love! Oh dear, om nom nom nom! :D

Back then, there weren't many choices to choose from, and I wasn't feeling too adventurous for flavours like 'lime & basil'.

I was hoping then that they will come up with more flavours, and they really did. They've got a wider range of flavours to choose from now. 

Chez Dre macarons although priced slightly higher at $3, are very much bigger than standard sized macarons.

I like the hint of fragrant vanilla flavour, but sadly, it was a little too soft for my liking. There wasn't a crisp on the surface, neither was it chewy when bitten in.

Of course, I wouldn't say no to the 'passionfruit & lemon' macaron. Y'know... I used to not like anything sour, but like a pregnant lady (no, I am not having a baby, oh wait, maybe I do...a food-baby!), I am starting to gradually like anything sour. Weird, I know. #truestory.jpg

Unlike the vanilla macaron, this one had great the texture. It wasn't too sweet, which was great. And the passionfruit flavour was also intense enough to give me an 'oomph' kick.

As if you can't already tell, I liked it! Hmmm... Need to head down for another visit to try out more of their macarons.

Other than desserts, they also serve brekkie and lunch. I have to say, the roasted chicken baguette... was just a roasted chicken baguette. Nothing to shout about.

Chez Dre's stuffed mushroom with walnut andspinach, served with housemade beans, herbed crouton and poached eggs was nice, but then again, didn't spell spectacular. 

Whilst I did not particularly enjoy my brunch there, I still went back to give them a second chance. The Boyfriend and I had the Croque Monsieur and Moroccan Baked eggs. But that's story for another day!

I love how they have an open kitchen concept, and I'd just stand behind the glass counter every time I'm there, all green in envy, watching the chefs all busy doing what they do best. 

I personally like their Blood Orange Mousse Cake best! There was a combination of textures that was put together so beautifully well.

A small piece of jelly layer embedded in the center of tangy blood orange mousse, and what I believe (if memory serves me right) a crunchy praline base, all hiding beneath the gelatinous layer.

What I liked best about it, apart from stating the obvious that it was yummy (duh!), is that this dessert is not too heavy on the palette. :)

Whilst the milk chocolate with passionfruit mousse cake was delicious and lovely, I can't help but think about Le Petit Gateau's Brownie and Passionfruit Chocolate Gateau and make a comparison. 

And I'd hate to say this, but Le Petit Gateau's still stands as my #1 favourite! 

I personally am not a big fan of lemon meringue tart, so I won't give my two cents on this. But one thing for sure is that the other girls who shared this with me, they seem to really love it. ;)

I brought a friend from Sydney over one lovely afternoon and watched as she enjoyed the creamy goodness oozing out of the choux pastry.

She reported that the Vanilla Éclair was one of the best she has had before. And I do take her words for it.

Oh yums! #foodporn.jpg And that wraps up my post for today. :)

I like Chez Dre. Period.

Just in case you were wondering, I didn't have these gorgeous babies all in one day. Yes, I am greedy, but not THAT gluttony - this post on Chez Dre is collated over my first three visits. :)

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Plenty more to come... Watch this space for Part 2!


Michelle Chin said...

you do love your desserts eh. :)

The Bakeanista said...

I certainly do! :D

siu waiki said...

can i ask how much per cake?
and is there a difference between dine in and take away? and how can i get there?thanks heaps.

siu waiki said...
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The Bakeanista said...

Siuwaiki, if memory serves me right, I think it's about $8.50 on average per individual cake, regardless of whether you're dining in or taking away.

You can get there via tram, as I don't think there's a train station in South Melbourne?

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