Sunday, March 4, 2012

Coin Laundry

Coin Laundry, located right opposite the Armadale train station is yet another popular spot, especially for the locals.

It was packed when Wan and I arrived, and we were told that there could be a 20 minutes wait. But thankfully, a couple finished off not too long after and we got our table!

The monster of a coffee machine. :P
This very busy breakfast place is a coin laundry turned cafe. The ambience was casual, laidback and relaxed. Perfect place to catch up with an ol' friend.

Armadale's best breakfast spot, I'd say.

I wanted to go for mocha, but the withering heat was driving me bananas! The friendly wait staff recommended the Vietnamese styled iced coffee.

We somehow very much anticipated it to be "wow" but it turns out to be just a cuppa Malaysian kopi-gau (a strong brew of coffee with condensed milk)! But well, at least it was a decent cup of coffee.

We had the corn and manchego fritters with guacamole, corn relish and creme fresh. If you're wondering like we were, manchego is Spanish cheese. Thank God for Google on mobile. :P

It was served with a mountain of rocket and coriander, and I had to sit there to pick out the coriander. Boo!

But the fritters were really good, except you might get a little too sick because I reckon it was a tad bit too rich with cheese.

Thankfully I didn't have to finish this dish off myself, and I got to kept pushing Wan, "Come on, finish it, little bit more only." :P

We also shared the wagyu beef burger with beetroot relish, aioli, tomato, cheddar, lettuce and French fries... Which was ABSOLUTELY YUMMERS! *slups*

The beef patty was tender and succulent and the fries were crispy - just how I like 'em to be! And that tomato salsa on the side... Oh man, that was good stuff! SO GOOOD!

Yeap, I simply had to do this #foodpornshot. :P Excuse my gushing reviews, I give them double triple thumbs up - I highly recommend.

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I had an excellent dining experience and I walked out the door feeling satisfied. So yes, I'd definitely be back to try Coin Laundry big breakfast and the mocha too, when the heat goes away that is! ;)

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Michelle Chin said...

I should give this place a go. Into the to-eat list!

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