Sunday, May 15, 2011

Melbourne: My Top Favourites! :)

Instead of doing a "Melbourne: Top 10 to-go-places" post like I did for Sydney, I'm going to list down my favourites! Simply because it is just too hard to choose my top 10. Yeah I'm cheating and giving you a long list to devour. :P

Disclaimer: This top favourite to-eat-places in Melbourne are merely just my recommendations based on my dining experiences over the years I've been living here. I am not claiming to be the you-know-all but I hope this will help those who are going for a free-and-easy holiday and would love to try out as much as they can, but is not quite familiar with the place. May I place an emphasis that everyone's tastes and opinions are different, so that means what I deem is yummeh might not be the same for you. But of course, I hope you'll enjoy my recommendations. Go stuff your tummy silly already! (:


Favourite Brekkie - Mart 130

Melbourne has a couple of good cafes for brekkie. Some would choose a brekkie place over the coffee - if you're a caffeine-addict, never miss Seven Seeds and Brother Baba Budan. Some on the other hand,  have their personal favourite that they would return to time and again - and Mart 130 is that personal favourite of mine. I've been to numerous brekkie places, but Mart 130 still stands strong as my top favourite.

Here's an update of my second trip. :) I've seen been there 5 times, but I guess if I blog about it too often, you might find it too boring.


Favourite Cafe - Le Petit Gateau

A picture says a thousand words, 'nuff said. May I warn you that their cakes get sold off pretty quickly, so don't hop in only 10 minutes to 5pm and get all disappointed. Ahhhh, the passionfruit brownie! *droools*


Favourite Macarons - Luxbite

Don't you already love how it is displayed? These gorgeous babies are not only pretty to the eyes, but also your tastebuds. There are 16 flavours from you to choose from, and if you're feeling greedy but can't eat them all in one go, take-away! :P After all, macarons can be kept for a couple a days. And they even pack it nicely for you in a box. Did I also mention that they serve breakfast/lunch and cakes too? ;)

They also started serving brekkie and of course, I wouldn't miss out on that would I? Here's an update. I might blog another post on their new desserts again soon. 


Favourite Gelati - Il Dolce Freddo

BEST GELATI EVER - especially the durian and roche! It is so good to the extent that I would only eat their gelati and wouldn't go to some other stores. Yes, I am unadventurous like that! But oh man, ever since I was introduced to Freddo's, I never looked back again. 


Favourite Tart - Baker D. Chirico

I have a thing for tarts - good tarts, that is. And Baker D. Chirico burnt a big hole in my student-budget pocket when I would return every so often back then for their delicious tarts. ;)

They occasionally also have pop-up stores on Crossley Street but I'm not sure when they will be back though.


Favourite Pizzeria - +39 Pizzeria

Truffle + Rocket leaves + Parmesan shavings = YUMS! It was so fragrant that every bite was a delight! This truffle pizza is not on the lunch menu unfortunately, but if you ask nicely, I'm sure they are willing to make one for you. I tried, and I succeeded. :) Oh, did I also mention that they have a lobster + black caviar pizza? Pizza heaven!


Favourite Pie - Babka

One of the best pies that I've had. But I was surprised to find the take-away price only half of what I'd have to pay if we were to dine-in, so I'd suggest that you take-away to save time having to wait for a table and well, money as well. ;)


Favourite Scones - Churinga

If you are heading up Mount Dandenong, and heard that they serve good scones at Miss Marples, please don't let them ruin your impression on "good scones". You can very well have the finger food and quiches at Miss Marples, but for scones, Churinga it is. Take my words for it.


Favourite Xiao Long Bao - Hu Tong

Would you believe me if I were to say that Hu Tong's xiao long bao's are up to par with Taiwan famous Din Tai Fung's? At least it was for me. But again, you gotta try to believe. ;)


Favourite Yumcha - Taipan

There are plenty of yum cha restaurants along Chinatown, but none that really satisfies me. The best I've had is at this old dodgy restaurant my friend brought me to in Hong Kong. But Sydney's East Ocean was also quite as good I must say. In Melbourne, not many restaurants meet my expectations, except for Taipan. The only downside is, it's located all the way at Doncaster and the only way I can get there is by an hour bus ride. If you don't mind long rides, then by all means, go ahead and try. ;)


Favourite Chinese - Shark Fin House

Shark Fin House is renowned for being one of the best Chinese restaurants along Chinatown. And perhaps also, one with awful managers. Some of them are nice and friendly no doubt, but oh gosh, some can be so snobbish I feel like kicking them in the ass, excuse my language. Yes, they might have one of the worst services ever, but we would still return for their food. Especially the lobster noodles - you can never get such good standards in Malaysia.

Shark Fin House on Urbanspoon


Favourite Steak - Hotel Lincoln

One say that we should never judge a book by its cover. Hotel Lincoln is that kinda "book" that people usually would judge by its outer appearance. Little did they know that such a dodgy-looking place could dish out such tender and juicy steak. The flavour explodes in your mouth and makes you moan "oomph".


Favourite Japanese - Koko

To be honest, I haven't had Japanese at many restaurants here in Melbourne to begin with. Koko is one of the best Jap that I've had, keeping in mind that I have yet to try Nobu, Shoya and Yu-U. Koko is no doubt of a higher standard quality (and pricing as well), but if you're on a tight budget, Gaijin it is - affordable and satisfying. :)


Favourite Italian - Mercadante

Mercadante has been a family favourite since my brother and I moved here years ago. Whenever my parents are here to visit, Mercadante would always be the first stop.

I love everything from their BBQ Grilled woodfired pizza, to their Pappardelle Salmone and not to forget the Risotto Capesante. And for desserts, one can never go wrong with the chocolate pizza, ey? ;)

I haven't had a chance to blog about them yet (because my family members always dig in right away, and I simply don't have to chance to photograph them), so I thought I'd provide their details below:

Mercadante Woodfired Pizzeria on Urbanspoon


Favourite Fine Dining - Maze by Gordon Ramsay

I've been to a couple of fine dining restaurants, and the only one I'm willing to return to is Maze. I really loved everything, from the bread, to the entrees, mains and desserts.

What I'd suggest is, if you have some extra cash to spare, and you're up for a fine dining experience, I'd suggest to give Maze a go. After all, it's by Gordon Ramsay. How f**king wrong can it go, hey? :P


So yeah, that pretty much wraps up my Melbourne-top-favourites post! For other food places, hover over my left-hand sidebar. Although they may not have made it to this list, some of them are pretty good. If you have any suggestions of categories I can add on, leave a comment below. Or should you have any questions, don't hesitate to yell out. :)


Michelle Chin said...

Many of your favorites are my favorites too. Same taste yeah. :D

eddie m branch said...

mich..hotel lincoln scraped that aged yearling steak for 2 to share off the menu longer available.....

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Mich Chin: Great minds think alike! :P

Eddie/Jenna: OH NOS!!! :(((((((( Why did they take it away?!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

gosh go ahead and make me miss melbourne somemore!

i read somewhere there was a huge hoo haa with the maze head chef leaving, wonder if its still any good..

msihua said...

What a wonderful compilation! Well done :)

goingkookies said...

ooh thanks for this compilation! love it!! shall definitely try a few that u ve mentioned...

btw, tried clicking most of ur links but the blogger has privatised the entries ;(

The Bakeanista said...

goingkookies: thanks so much for letting me know! i moved blog and didn't take note of the update of links. it's been updated now! :)

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