Sunday, May 8, 2011

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio

Attention to all Sweet-Tooth's: Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio is now opened on Chapel Street. And may I begin by saying that this is just like my idea of heaven - a paradise for us desserts-lover. ;)

Although Jenna did mention that the store was "unique", I didn't quite know what to expect until I arrived at the front door and had a sneak peak inside. I literally gasped at what was unfolding before my eyes.

For a brief moment there, I certainly felt like I was Charlie, standing behind the tall gates of Willy-Wonka's chocolate factory. Only I didn't have any Oompa Loompa's dances to look forward to.

Instead I was completely overwhelmed as I took in the unique and interactive flavour wall with over 250 ingredients on display.

It is a dedicated consultation area that has been created to help you design your very own customized special cake creation as you pick your preferred ingredients. How cool is that!

There were also a huge selection of sorbets, spreads, exaggerated raspberries and even chocolate flowers. Pick them up, and go om-nom-nom-nom as they start melting on your taste buds.

As the saying that goes, "sharing is caring", Ian Burch and Darren Purchese are certainly very generous about giving us all a sneak peak through their little kingdom.

They very kindly brought us on a tour around their work space, giving us an insight of their chocolate room, the spray room, and even the extremely freezing cold room.

I really really  like the whole idea of fusing science with sweetness. This is the man himself - Darren Purchese - making us an "amuse bouche" before sending me to Drool Land.

Darren made us all some meringue topped with a freeze dried banana, and poached in liquid nitrogen. Don't underestimate its looks and simplicity - it was so yummeh and refreshing! Every bite was love!

I might sound a tad bit exaggerated here, but it certainly felt like as though butterflies were trying to escape from the pit of my stomach.

Similar to how Willy-Wonka's Chocolate Factory is like a Neverland to children, Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio is like a dessert wonderland, but for the grown-ups. Or sweet-tooth's like me.

They even so kindly served us with edible bubblegum-flavoured bubbles. Yes, think Heston Blumenthal and his scientific approach in cooking.

They - Ian Burch & Darren Purchese - are like the specialized "Heston" in sweets. It really was an exceptional experience, I was in awe and kept giggling during my entire visit there.

And I certainly left the store (very unwillingly), with a big fat smile on my face. Of course, I couldn't go empty-handed, could I? As B&P isn't an eat-in cafe, I bought some individual cakes home to devour.

The desserts on display were all so mouth-watering, it was hard to decide which to go for. I stood there, staring at the ten cakes or more that were beneath the glass display, going all "Which should I go for first?".

Upon recommendations from Jenna, I decided to go for the 'White Chocolate, Green Tea & Pistachio' - white chocolate & vanilla mousse atop a crunchy green tea meringue, layered with lemon cream and pistachio cake, then finished off with a brilliant white chocolate spray and topped with a green tea macaron.

I also got the 'Raspberry, Lychee & Champagne' - raspberry champagne mousse with a hidden layer of lychee and hibiscus champagne jam sitting in between a layer of yogurt & white chocolate sponge and atop choc coated puffed wheat. It is then sprayed with white chocolate velvet spray and finished off with a drizzle of exaggerated raspberry cream and decorated with a champagne jelly on top.

Darren made me feel like a little girl all over again! Excitement and joy were bubbling inside my tummy! Thank you for the wonderful first experience! (: Yeah, I know this sounds kinda wrong/weird but I was so star-strucked for some reasons I don't even know why. *blush*

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If you haven't already had the chance to head down to their Willy-Wonka Wonderland superb Sweet Studio, tomorrow's the time! ;)



Michelle Chin said...

omo! you got fan. hmm...maybe we shall meet up at this place okay?

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Haha not a good idea cox it's not eat-in. Gotta take away then where are we gonna go to devour our cakes then? LOL! Meet elsewhere perhaps. But u should go and get some cakes. ;)

msihua said...

Fan girl moment!! Hahah.. so nice that they let you take a tour and fun too! You would have love their event during the Food and Wine.. we drank so much and had so much sugar!

thanh7580 said...

Those dessert looks super amazing. Heston of desserts has sold me. Can't wait to have a free day to go there and buy a few cakes.

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Msihua: I am so going to next year's food & wine event with you guys! #selfinvite :P

Thanh: THEY ARE AMAZING! :) I wanted to go today, but was so overloaded from all the yummeh cakes at Luxbite. :P

FOOD said...

The "Raspberry, Lychee and champaign" is fantastic! Very beautifully and elegantly done. A lot of effort in the layers.

Sweet and sour. Very rich, yet light and refreshing! Love it!

The Bakeanista said...

FOOD: Yeap I loved that too! I can't wait to try their other desserts!

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