Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back to the East

For some reasons, dim sum in Sydney always taste better than the ones you can get in Melbourne; East Ocean at Chinatown is no different.

Unlike other restaurants with wait staffs walking around with carts topped with trays of bamboo baskets, East Ocean provides you with the whole variety on menu. You then pen down your order, and everything will be freshly prepared and sent to you all in one go. :)

We were quite surprised at how big the portion of their century egg congee was. If you wish to try out other dishes as well, it is recommended that you share this with a friend. (:

Fried prawn wanton - wooots, I like it dipped with tons of mayo! ;)

Oh-em-gee, their king prawn hargows were so juicy and succulent!

Instead of the usual prawn or char siew cheong fun, East Ocean also served shredded duck cheong fun which I thought was really unique! :)

Siu mai topped with crab roe - yums! And oh that's pai-kwat in the background which is my all-time-favourite! :D Everything was so good, I just don't have any criticism to offer.

I don't know why char siew pau's in Melbourne can never turn out THIS good. I can still remember Jenna going, "Yummmms, niceeeeee!" Looking at these gorgeous buns makes me want to head out for some too. I shall try to tempt daddy so he'll drive me out to buy. :P

Oh, the custard bun! It was OMGWTFBBQ YUMMEH! I've never tasted a custard bun so delicious before. The custard was so smooth and nice and everything all! *slurps slurps* I really think Jenna and I ought to plan another trip to Sydney again, just for these. :P

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East Ocean - a place I wouldn't mind going back to even if it means having to drive up 20 hours all the way from Melbourne to Sydney. "Jennnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaa........" *runs away to persuade her*


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i just blogged about how dim sum in brisbane is crap compared to melbourne, now u compare with sydney!!! argh!!

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Never satisfied one hor we all? :P

msihua said...

Really??? I always think Melbs is better than Sydney ... but then.. there are so many more Hong Kees over there that it should be better there... HmMmmm

nana0709 said...

haha chuan wai!!!!!!

- m i c h e l l e - said...

msihua: In Melb, I only really fancy Taipan. Others not so much.

Nana: You miss him is it? :P

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