Saturday, July 24, 2010

Not quite a food snob.

Have you heard of the Greater Melbourne Entertainment Book? If you're residing here in Melbourne and you're a foodie just like I am, I'd suggest you get yourself a copy or two of that one-and-a-half-inch-thick book filled with discounts and vouchers, be it for fine and contemporary dining or casual restaurants and even take-aways like KFC.

Buy one main course free another main course; get 25% off your total bill; buy a Twister and get another free Twister... Well, you get my drift. No more having to crack your head thinking about where to go next for dinner because all you need to do is to flip through the book and tear out a voucher. Yeap, as simple as that! ;)

And the best thing yet about this book is that a portion of the revenue goes to charity! :D I'm not too sure if or not it's too late to get one, but I'm pretty sure there are some organisations who are still selling 'em.

If you want a copy and have no idea where to get one, you can always buzz me for help! Don't worry, I don't charge or accept commission, you just have to treat me to dinner! Buy hey, you only have to pay for your meal if you use the discount voucher. :P

Right, enough of me attempting to turn all of you into foodies just so I don't feel guilty putting on all that sinful kilos alone.

So anyways, while my parents were here almost a fortnight ago, we decided to make full use of our entertainment book...

And we decided to head to KOKO at Crown Tower ;)

My parents! :)

The brudder and mummy who look just like siblings...
Okie mummy, all I want is really just a new camera! :P

Mummy and I

When we were younger, people often say that we look like twins. Being only one and a half year apart, there weren't much difference back then in terms of height and all that. But if I were to tell you that we're twins now, would you have believed me? ;P

The complimentary appetiser which I liked a lot and had two portions because I have a brother who doesn't eat vegetables. Yay for me! :D

Koko Special Roll: Nori roll with grilled eel,
cucumber and avocado, glazed with soy. :)

This is one of the best unagi roll yet! The eel was grilled to perfection and the sweet soy sauce added a zhng to it. I deem this the best dish of the night. Yummeh max I'm drooling already as I type this. ;P

Volcano roll: Inside-out nori roll filled with salmon, asparagus,
cucumber and prawns, glazed with spicy scallop sauce.

My parents and brother reported that this was best among the three types of sushi we ordered. I, on the other hand, thought otherwise. I guess it was because it was slightly spicy and my tongue, having left Malaysia for 4 years and counting, could not handle spicy no more. I would have liked it better if the scallop sauce wasn't spicy. But otherwise, the taste was awesome; it was a good combination of flavour.

Aburi sushi: Seared kingfish, tuna and salmon nigiri

sushi served with lemon wedges and flavoured salt.

As I bit into these sushi, I could hear my tummy screaming in joy. It was grilled so well that it seems like as though there were three layers of yumness. The contrast in taste and texture between the caramelized crust and interior layer of the fishes were just yum! The browning did create a desirable flavour and I'd say it tasted really different from the normal sushi roll. Like duh right, what am I talking? Pfff.

Kamo kuwayaki: Pan-seared duck breast, simmered

soy mirin sauce with eggplant and miso sauce. Yum!

I haven't actually seen 'duck' being on a Jap menu before, and I have always wondered how they could cook it Jap-style and if or not they can dish out something good. I guess I need not wonder no more. Koko cooked the meat perfectly well; it was tender and flavourful. Even the eggplant was good albeit the miso sauce a tad bit too sweet for my liking.

Sakana shioyaki: Grilled Patagonian toothfish with sea salt flakes.

"I have never tasted a fish so fresh and well-cooked before," was what my mum said as the fish danced around on her palattes as she chewed. I agree with her on that. The texture was just awesome, it explains why I'm paying more at Koko. Oh, you could also opt to have either the Kingfish or Salmon if you prefer.

Kurobuta saikyoyaki: Grilled miso marinated "Kurobuta" pork belly.

It was Nana who first introduced me to Kurobuta, one of the most highly prized pork in Japan. Unfortunately, Hanabishi failed to dish out a distinguished Kurobuta. It then led me to think that it's not worth paying more for the Kurobuta when the normal pork would have just tasted the same. But Koko proved me otherwise.

The flavours of the Kurobuta pork belly were simply mouth-watering; it was juicy, rich in flavour and the tenderness of the soft fats just melts in your mouth. FANBLOODYTASTIC CAN!!!

There weren't any desserts that stood out to me on the menu, but I just couldn't pass without, so I ordered this. And I can't remember what it was. HAHA! If memory serves me right, I think it was called Vanilla Chawan Mushi or something along that line. That's vanilla bean ice cream and rice crisps on top of that layer of azuki jelly. Beneath all that is erm, custard? GOSH! I really can't remember what it was, I give up. (-__-)"

Ohaiz, it's me, Miss Michelle Glutton. ;P

Overall, I'd say it was good! Best Jap I've had in Melbourne so far.
Even better, I got 25% off total bill with the Entertainment Book. ;)

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YAY!!! My persuasiveness works! Happy cheap-eating! :D

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