Monday, July 26, 2010


The above Japanese phrase reads as onaka ga peko peko, which simply means I'm hungry. And I really was terribly hungry, when Nana, her bf, Eddie and I arrived at this PekoPeko Cafe earlier this evening.

Ohaiz, it's pink! So cute. Oh, this is a Taiwanese and Jap fusion.
Although we personally think it leans more towards Taiwanese.

The Peko Specials which tempted Nana so badly...
Especially at where the alphabet 'D' is: DESSERT. :P

Ice Mocha, which tasted quite good.

And the green tea latte which I've read so much about.
Sadly though, it did not meet my expectations at all.
I didn't like it at all and I was sad to say, disappointed. :(

We ordered a couple of entree and xiao long bao was one of it.
It was quite juicy, but the skin was way too thick for my liking.
For xiao long bao, we three decided that nothing beats Hu Tong's.
Well, at least if we're speaking of xiao long bao's in Melbourne.

The Ocean Peko was quite good, especially the wasabi mayo prawns.
And the scallops were yum too. That mayonnaise was HEAVENLY. ;)

"No Taiwan Sausages have tasted any better in Melb," said Jenna.
And she has been to Taiwan and she says this meets the standard.
Oh, may I add that Jenna has really high expectations of food? :P
So if Jenna says BINGO, it really means BINGO. Even I liked it!

Jenna's beef noodle, which she enjoyed but I didn't quite like.
I guess it's a little bit too herby for my liking, that's why. :)

My Pop Chicken Bento box that comes with a tofu and three pathetic stems of cauliflower and broccoli! IT WAS GOOD! Never had such yummeh pop chicken in my life. Even the tofu was yummeh too, and that's coming from someone who does not eat tofu. ;)

Although the green tea latte was such a disappointment, but the entree and this Pop Chicken Peko Box made up for everything. Even the service was fantastic. The wait staffs were smiling all the time, and they were so friendly it made your dining experience so much the better.

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I'd definitely go back again, someday though not anytime too soon. But the next time, I'd be good just with tap water. :)

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