Friday, April 9, 2010

TRAM || MART 130

Tram 130? Or Mart 130? Well, it's both. ;) Cafe Mart 130 is located at Tram Stop 130 if you take the #96 tram from Bourke Street.

And if you have a good look at it, 'MART' is actually dubbed by spelling the word 'TRAM' backwards. :D And the story behind it is because the cafe was transformed from an old tram stop. I super adore the concept!

Since years ago, I've been longing to try out the breakfast menu at Mart 130, St Kilda. But every single time I intend to head over, plan somehow fails. :( But today, thanks to Nana, I haz finally been there. :D

Both Nana and I had mocha to go with our brunch. And I must say it was good. (: I've tried mocha in a lot of cafes but THIS is by far the best. Looking at the pict now makes me want to have a cuppa, like naoooo.

Nana's roasted corn fritters with bacon, relish, sourcream & coriander.

For someone who isn't quite a big fan of corns, I must admit it was pretty good actually. Hehe. I love the chutney especially, very sweet and goes well with the salty bacon. A mix of taste. Yum! :D And of course, you wouldn't need to ask what my choice was...

I had the poached eggs with grilled bacon, avocado plus hollandaise! :D

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! *heads over heel*
Have I already mentioned how MUCH I love poached eggs?

But as much as I love poached eggs, I'm also in love with truffle oil, so...
My next choice would definitely be the scrambled eggs with truffle oil. :D

Yay lookie lookie, finally I is there already.
*happy girls rubs tummy happily* BURP! :P

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