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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The dodgy dumpling place.

Located at a back-lane alley in Chinatown, Camy Shanghai Dumpling is quite a popular restaurant although it does seem a tad bit dodgy.

I've got to admit though that the food is not too bad and most importantly, cheap! Despite hearing a lot of stories about the dirty kitchen, I really wonder why we still keep going there, eh? *giggles*

This is deep-fried beef dumpling! Omg look at the plate, so oily! We always wonder if they get their oil supply for very cheap price. :P

Super yum pumpkin cake! 

My photography skills don't do enough justice.
Or more like the lighting in the restaurant. :P

Oh my! My long awaited Xiao Long Bao! *droools* :D

With a dip of vinegar, whoah, perfecto! *YUMMEH!*

The bill came up to $16, so yeap, it's $8 per person.
Not too bad right considering we had 3 varieties. :)

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