Friday, February 6, 2009

The Cookanista! :P

I was just giving this a shot, with not much confidence left in me. But it turned out absolutely yummeh! Apart from it being a lil too salty compared to the ones sold outside, I think it's quite alright. I'll cut down on the soya sauce in the future. ;)

I love cooking, though not as much as baking, but I really quite enjoy fiddling around the kitchen. Sometimes, it makes me really wonder why I didn't take up Culinary Arts instead. But then again, just taking baking and cooking up as a hobby would be more than enough.

Valentine's around the corner, so you might want to bake or cook for your other half. It's a really sweet gesture, I'd say. If you want to win a man's heart, you'll have to first of all win his tummy. I think this isn't too big a problem for me. *giggles* But I've to first of all... Look for someone to feed. In other words, be my guinea pig! Teehee. :)

Anyone up to fill in the place? Send in your names. ;)

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