Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Journeyman Cafe, Prahran

I've read raving reviews about Journeyman, which was previously known as Dukes Coffee Roasters and was really happy when Daisy agreed to catch up for lunch there.

Located on the Windsor end of Chapel Street, Journeyman was buzzing when I arrived. I've heard about the long queues during the weekend, but thankfully as it was a Thursday arvo, there were a few tables still available.

"Such a beautiful space," I thought to myself as I walked through the cafe to an empty table. I absolutely loved the fit out of the cafe, particularly the exposed red bricks.

As I arrived a tad early, I thought maybe I'll have a mocha to start. I don't usually drink coffee on weekdays, but I was having a particularly long week at work, and didn't mind a caffeine fix. I am glad I did though, it was a good cuppa - smooth and lovely!

Moving onto food, I was tossing between sweet (the much talked about waffles!) and savoury, but I decided I couldn't go past the pulled pork benedict.

The pulled pork was served with beautifully poached eggs, cider vinegar hollandaise, apple and spinach. Such an enjoyable dish! Every biteful was so delectable, I'm not sure if I was annoying Daisy with my, "Mmmm, it's so yum!" statements.

As both Daisy and I decided that we would go halfies, I also managed to try the almond and cornflakes crispy chicken with red cabbage slaw on brioche bun, served with corn and tomato salsa on the side.

Trust me, it tasted just as good as it looks. The chicken really hit the spot - it was fried to a crisp perfection yet still tender, juicy and succulent on the inside.

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Coffee was good, food was even better, and the vibe is amazing. Both Daisy and I were really pleased with our meal.

Journeyman is definitely high up on my list of "good brunch places" and I really recommend it! This may be my first visit to Journeyman, but I can foresee many more to come. I am looking forward to bringing The Boyfriend here for a brunch date some time soon.

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