Friday, September 12, 2014

Fat Friday #1 - Finn Cafe

TGIF! Every week I look forward to Friday.

It's the last day of the working week; we get to put our hair down, relax a little and look forward to the weekend.

Fridays in the office is usually rather casual, and not as busy, which is a great way to end the week. Plus, it's also Fat Friday!! Yay!! :D

I have started a Friday Lunch Club with my colleague, Shell, who is rather pleased with having a food blogger as her co-worker (if I may shamelessly say so myself). ;)

We have decided that we'd head out for lunch every Friday and I have been tasked to find a new eatery around our work place in St. Kilda each week so we could both explore this area together.

I also mentioned that I'd introduce a Fat Friday post series on my blog, so here it is! The very first FF post on our first FF spot - Finn Cafe.

Finn Cafe opened its doors in July this year on Carlisle Street, right opposite the St Kilda Town Hall.

It is easily accessible via public transport, and there are plenty of street parking along Carlisle Street for those who wish to drive.

We were greeted with big, warm smiles as soon as we stepped in. Great service to start is always a plus point. I also loved the fit out of the cafe - bright, clean, and minimalist.

I had already scanned the menu before arriving and had my eyes locked on the open omelette with mushrooms, taleggio, truffle oil and rye crisp. Finn Cafe did well, I was not disappointed.

It was beautifully presented and taste absolutely tasty to boot. It was a very generous portion which filled me up just right.

The truffle oil added a nice extra touch of fragrance, and I think I had Shell in food envy.

Shell, on the other hand, opted for the slow-cooked pulled lamb shoulder, polenta bricks, swiss chard, preserved lemon, dill & creme fraiche.

"Beautiful flavours that worked really well together," Shell replied, when I asked how her dish fared. Portion was a tad small, but at least it won't put you to sleep at work. ;)

When we were done , we walked up the counter to pay for our meals, only to be greeted with this - an array of sweet treats, calling out your name and tempting your sweet tooth.

Finn Cafe bakes their cakes and pastries fresh every morning, and they often have something new to offer their patrons.

With a display as beautiful as this, it's very difficult to just walk out without getting anything.

We obviously had to get some to try. Amongst the sweet treats that we picked to share were the kiwi danish, berries tea cake, salted caramel brownie and beetroot chocolate cake.

They were all divine, especially that salted caramel brownie! So moist and delicious! Definitely a great way to finish up.

Finn on Urbanspoon
So what can I say? Finn Cafe is a great addition to St Kilda, especially to the locals. Relaxed atmosphere, great friendly service and good food. I can definitely see myself coming back again.

I hope you enjoyed my first Fat Friday post. Happy Friday, y'all!! Have a fabulous weekend ahead. And maybe, if you're coming down to this end of town, you can visit Finn Cafe during the weekends ;)

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