Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cru at Kew

My apologies this is a very delayed post. But like the saying that goes, better late than never, hey? ;)

A couple of months back, The Boyfriend and I had one of our very good friend, Dr. JJ come visit us in the Eastern suburbs (where The Boy lives) one fine Saturday morning for brunch.

Dr. JJ reported that he has been so deprived of good food, having lived in Ballarat over the past half a year and he commanded that we go to somewhere that serves "good, tasty food".

As always, they left the decision making to me, so after much research (and help from Daisy) I decided that we were going to Cru which was located at Kew.

I kick started with a cuppa mocha. Apart from the fragrant smell of coffee, I also appreciate pretty coffee art. I don't know about you, but pretty coffee brightens up my meal.

But I found the coffee to chocolate ratio for this particular cuppa to be rather disproportionate - coffee was way too strong for my liking.

But I finished it nonetheless. Because I added sugar - woohoo sugar to the rescue! :P

The Boyfriend and Dr. JJ both got a cup of hot chocolate each. I thought it was super cute to have their drinks served in a "paper-cup-like" cup. I'll be getting some of these cups when I move next!

To start, I ordered a pipsqueak - egg and soldiers to share. Absolutely loved it! The brioche bread sticks were well buttered and the egg was also cooked to perfection.

I don't know about you, but I love soft boiled eggs! Ha ha, just putting it out there y'know.

The Boyfriend opted for the chicken, roasted parmesan polenta, broad beans and pancetta.

It was The Boyfriend's first time having polenta and he decided that polenta isn't quite his thing, but everything else, he enjoyed.

Dr. JJ had the asparagus, goat's feta and scrambled egg with white truffle oil on toasted brioche. He did comment on how good and creamy the scrambled egg was before he gobbled it all up. ;)

I, on the other hand, had the super yummy röesti topped with a spread of avocado mash, smoked salmon, crispy capers, red onion and topped with a perfectly poached egg. It was a light and refreshing - just what I needed that morning!

It was not only pretty on the eye, but also delicious on the tastebuds. Glad to say that I really really enjoyed it! And of course, nothing quite beats the egg porn golden shot. ;)

Yeap, can you tell I also love poached eggs? And fried eggs. And omelette. And Japanese tamago... Actually all kinds of eggs! :P

We did not stay for long after our meal as Dr. JJ realised his wallet was missing and we all frantically rushed back to look for the missing subject, which I smartly found sitting under his laptop. (-_-)" Haha!

It didn't stop me from getting a little distracted when the bill came in this vintage old coin box. The Boyfriend did question why I had to take a picture of it like I do with everything else, but what's wrong huh? "It's cute what!" - that was my response! :P

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We definitely enjoyed our meal so I'd give Cru a big thumbs up and highly recommend that you give it a try too! :)

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