Monday, September 2, 2013

The Merrywell at Crown

My parents were down for a short trip couple of weeks ago but considering they've been to Melbourne numerous times already, there weren't many tourist attractions left for us to take them to.

So as most Malaysians do, we took them out for meals, one after another. ;) My dad said towards the end of his trip, "Aiyo so fat already! All I do is eat and sleep only!" :P

We did return to several of their favourite places but we also managed to introduce a couple of new restaurants to them, with one of them being The Merrywell at Crown.

We started off with the Mini Wagyu Burgers which we absolutely loved! The buns were soft like baby's bottom, and the wagyu beef patties so tasty and succulent... My only complaint? These aren't great for sharing! I mean, they were too tasty, I could eat all three of them by myself! :P

Excuse this poor quality shot, the Firey Mojito Lamb Chops caught me by surprise when the waitress set the flames alive - I didn't expect that it would literally be "firey".

But hey, served along with toasted tabouleh, the lamb chops was delish and perfect eaten with the mint jelly - so so delicious! Except I would say $38 for 4 pieces of small lamb chops is a tad too pricey.

Dad wanted something more simple so we ordered the Rotisserie Chicken served with mashed potatoes and tomato olive jus. 

I took a small bite the entire drumstick (oops!) and really enjoyed it - the chicken meat was so juicy and tender!

These were only teasers. The highlight of the night then appeared a while later *jeng jeng jeng*...

The Caveman 1200g wet-aged for 35 days rib-eye! Despite its size, the meat was cook perfectly well and every bite was so heavenly good.

The Crispy Onion Rings that came with it were the best onion rings I've ever had too! Every thing that we had was really satisfactory. We were so super full and satisfied, I was already planning our next trip back! 

And to top it off, we got 25% off the total bill from using the Entertainment Book. ;) So, damage done for 5 at the end of the night was at a reasonable price of $140.

The Merrywell on Urbanspoon
Definitely worth a visit if you haven't already been - The Merrywell did a good job and well exceeded my expectations. :)


Iron Chef Shellie said...

That steak is HUGE!!!!!!! I didn't mind Merrywell, but I'm not in a hurry to rush back there.

The Bakeanista said...

It is massive!!! We did struggle a little to finish lol.

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