Friday, October 5, 2012

Luxbite 2.0

I love Luxbite and would love to self-proclaim and label myself a Luxbiteholic, if I may. Luxbite has come a long way since their launch in January last year.

I've been there several times but have only blogged about them twice in the past, here and here.

I am guilty to admit that over the past couple of visits, there were so many new desserts, that came and went which are still sitting in my "To Blog List" photo album. Oppsie! :S

Anyhoos, back to Luxbite. They recently had a face-lift, had their cozy little store renovated, and have also revamped the menu concept.

Lovin' the new vibrant colours in store!
Whilst they still have a strong focus on their variety of macarons and desserts, they have also introduced a new brunch menu comprising of several brunch dishes, with an Asian twist. iLike!

I was really keen to try their new Spring Menu, so when Michelle Chin and I were deciding on a place to dine at for lunch around my work area in South Yarra, I jumped at the opportunity and suggested Luxbite. 

I was so glad that she happily agreed to my suggestion. I was so excited, you have no idea.

I pretty much struggled all morning trying to focus on my work, because really all I was thinking "12.30pm come already!"

Photo Credit: Dining Partner, Michelle Chin
I opted for the Pandan Chicken Burger which I really really liked. It has a fair balance of their unique sambal mayo, and super yummeh apple and kiwi relish.

The chicken patty was delicious and in Michelle Chin's words, "tastes really like pandan wrapped chicken". Really smart innovation, Luxbite!

And the bun - it was beyond yummeh. It was soft and fluffy on the inside, but also slightly crisp. It somehow reminded me of their bread and butter pudding which I am glad is still available on shelf. 

Photo Credit: Dining Partner, Michelle Chin
Because it was sooooo good, it deserves yet another close-up shot. ;)

I really really enjoyed my meal. So much so I'm already planning my next trip back! A little bit of me died inside with every bite I took. Seriously, I'm not kidding. Highly recommended, peeps.

Photo Credit: Dining Partner, Michelle Chin
The other Michelle had the Luxbite's Pork Roll - roasted pork belly with kimchi, nashi pear remoulade, lettuce and BBQ sauce.

I have to admit I was rather skeptical at first, but heck the pork bellehhh was really tasty and full of flavour with a Korean twist. As MChin says, think Miss Siu Yoke meets Mr. Korean. :P

Taken with my iPhone 4S
This pork roll is what I'd call a "fusion food" - an interesting combination of Asian, Korean and French!

And may I add, the servings are generous. The other Michelle had difficulty finishing off her meal, but damn, the chicken burger was so good, I polished the plate clean. Huh diet? What diet?

For $15 a meal, you'd walk out the door with a filled happy tummy. :D

LuxBite on Urbanspoon
If you've never been to Luxbite, may I suggest that you head over this weekend. Trust me, you don't want to miss out! ;)

And on a random note, after looking at Michelle Chin's pictures, I think I need to take my camera out with me more often. As much as I love my iPhone, I think the pictures taken doesn't do enough justification. The colours really look so much more dull, doesn't it?


Michelle Chin said...

if you feel that your camera is inconvenient, you should get an app called camera plus or something. :D

The Bakeanista said...

I have camera plus and a couple others... but really they aren't as good as a proper camera's pictures. Or maybe it's just my lack of skills haha!

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