Thursday, April 19, 2012

The new Cacao Green!

Of all days my camera decides to play the 'Hide & Seek' game with me, it chose the day I had to go on a food trail at Cacao Green. Thank God for my ever reliable buddies - iPhone and Instagram. :P

If you've been reading my blog, you know how much I yearn to be a Cacao Green ambassador. I mean come on, pair desserts up with the words 'healthy', 'low fat' and 'low GI' - I'm sold!

They've recently opened up another franchise on the corner of Bourke Street and Swanston Street. And good news is, they've added so many more new items to their menu! :D

Instead of serving just organic frozen yogurt with a variety of toppings for you to choose from, they now serve also organic yogurt.

What's the difference you ask? Notice the word 'frozen' is gone? ;)

They serve the organic yogurt in three different mix - Berry Crunch, Honey Orange and Apple Passionfruit. The berry crunch flavour was my favourite among all! :D

Although we always have the perception that everything healthy is yucky, Cacao Green proved that "philosophy" wrong.

Cacao Green organic yogurt with fresh fruits are not only healthy, low fat, low in GI but still very yums! :D

I am never a Bircher Muesli person. Whilst I wouldn't say that 'seeds' and I are enemies, we're not best friends either.

I hesitated a little before actually taking a spoonful of the mixed berry bircher muesli. And boy, I was sold!

I didn't think that y'know, bircher muesli could taste this yummy but it did. And I'm not saying this just because, I actually do mean it.

But if you're not too big a fan of berries, there's also the tropical version that you could opt for. I personally like the berries one heaps better but that's just me though.

If you're stuck with ideas on where to head to for brekkie over the weekend, keep in mind, there's Cacao Green. ;)

Fret not if frozen yogurt, organic yogurt and bircher muesli aren't your cuppa tea and they don't interest you... They've also got other yummeh items to munch on.

They now have a selection of gourmet waffle for you to choose from: Signature Dark, Crispy Almond Walnut, Apple Cinnamon Walnut, Raspberry Almond, and as you can see above, Blueberry Almond.

I have to admit, when I first tasted their waffle back then last year, I didn't quite like it. I actually did think to myself that maybe I could pass on the waffle.

But being the greedy pig that I am, I still took a mouthful and I must say, the waffles were pretty good. I like improvement, so well done on that, Cacao Green! ;)

Like the saying that goes "saving the best for the last", the honey bread stood out most.

A thick cut of toasted wholemeal bread topped with blueberry (or raspberry if you like) and almonds, served alongside cream cheese.

I know it looks very normal, but lemme tell you this, it was so irresistably YUMMEH, I was blown away! I'm returning just for this!

As soon as the knife lands on it... *crunch* and as I continue to cut *crunch, crunch, crunch*...It's a shame I am not able to show you how crunchy it is!

And of course, if you're there during tea time for snacks, nothing goes with honey bread better than a cuppa St Ali coffee or organic Numi tea.

I know from the menu that they've also brought in quinoa pudding served either warm or cold, but as I had to dash off in a hurry, I didn't get to taste it. :( Never mind, next time!

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Thank you FOOD Pampering for organising the food trail, and most importantly to Cacao Green for spoiling us rotten with all the complimentary healthy goodness. :D

And I'd shamelessly ask again, can you please take me as Cacao Green ambassador? :P


Michelle Chin said...

the honey bread looks nice!

The Bakeanista said...

It IS yum! Go give it a try! :D

Winston said...

I agree!! The tropical bircher was my fave... And I actually do prefer their birchers in general over other places too. Let's go makan makan again another time, wanna talk to you more about your baking adventures and see if you can share some tips with noob bakers like me haha! Still new at the baking department ;p

The Bakeanista said...

Haha, I read your post and you do favour the tropical flavour whilst I'm bigger on the berries.

Talk about makan makan... Anytime suits me! Maybe you can organise? ;) Or we can get Ash to do another food trail hehehe.

ming said...

Mmmmm your writing and phots are making me hungry again! It's a shame you couldn't try the quinoa pudding, it was yummy yummy yummy! :P

The Bakeanista said...

Ming, I'm waiting for your post! Bet your picts are way better than mine. ;)

And yes I know I missed out. Real bummer! :((((

ming said...

It's up it's up! Also, would you want to come along with winston, drew and myself to movida next door for dinner next Wednesday? FOODIE HOMIES! :D

The Bakeanista said...

Aww thanks for the invite Ming! I'd love to come, and would def join if the next foodie trip is during the weekend. Weekdays are a little hectic, esp hump day!

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