Sunday, October 16, 2011

Manchester Press

Hidden at the back alley of Rankins Lane, is Manchester Press - a nice, quiet cafe, perfect to just sit back, relax and catch up with a friend you haven't seen in months, over brunch.

My cup of mocha with one of their many cute coffee art. (:

Poppy seed bagel served with soft egg & salmon.
The toasted bagel was warm and crisp, and with a spread of butter, topped with some salmon, it was yummers.

It was a shame the egg wasn't soft enough - it was almost hard-boiled. Otherwise, it would have been perfect.

Salmon with capers, and dill cream cheese served atop sesame seed bagel.
My friend absolutely loved this, but in my opinion, you gotta really love cream cheese as it was a tad bit too rich for my liking.

I must add though, they were pretty generous with the salmon toppings - there were at least 4 huge slices on that plate alone!

Manchester Press on Urbanspoon
The bagels were really good and went well with my cuppa mocha. But I think the next time I return, I'd go half-half with my companion.

Well, it's either my tummy space has shrunk a lot, or the portion is a tad bigger than standard size. You judge.


Michelle Chin said...

The portion is quite huge. :) SO your tummy must have shrunk

Miss Kimbers said...

Is that a face I see in the coffee?!

The Bakeanista said...

Yeap that is a face you see! They have very cute coffee art.

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