Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cafe Sweethearts

There are a couple of cafes in South Melbourne, and though I haven't tried all of 'em, I've came to a quick conclusion that Cafe Sweetheart is the gem of South Melbourne.

The first time I visited Cafe Sweethearts, I liked it. And now, I love it. Yes, they serve very simple brekkie, but it was perfectly done I must say. And sometimes, it's the simplest things that is hard to perfect.

Ever since I started working, I have learned to appreciate breakfast a lot more than before.

It used to be so hard to drag myself out of bed, but my body is getting used to waking up early now and I cannot reiterate how much I enjoy brekkie! A good breakfast kicks start your day well. 

Eggs Benedict - poached eggs on toasted English muffins with grilled ham, hollandaise sauce and fresh herbs.

Eggs Forestiere - poached eggs on toasted English muffins with grilled bacon, hollandaise sauce, mushrooms and fresh herbs.

The hollandaise sauce was so beautiful, the bacon fried to a crisp, and the poached eggs, man it was soft and runny on the inside, yet firm on the outside - ahhhh, it was simple yet perfect! And the mushrooms, they were just additional yummehness!

I always thought of breakfast as a "no value for money" meal, priced at $15 for eggs and toast, but Cafe Sweetheart changed my mind. It was delish, and worth every dollar!

Oh, the gooey mess - me like! ;)

Café Sweethearts on Urbanspoon
I think Cafe Sweethearts has taken over Mart 130 as my favourite brekkie place!

I know I sound rather exaggerated here but hey, you know what? Sometimes, it's just the simplest things in life that makes us happy.

And well, if you're thinking of where to head to for brekkie or brunch this weekend, you know where to head to! ;)


Michelle Chin said...

should i say, it's egg-alicious? how are you doing? i'm still holding your chocie eggs!

The Bakeanista said...

ARE YOU STALKING ME? The post just went up!

eddie m branch said...

creamy creamy egg yolks

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