Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cacao Green - the new 'frogurt' place!

The new frogurt place on Swanston Street opened up not too long ago, and I've had friends raving on and on about the frozen yogurt.

I've heard about how yummeh it is, but what I didn't know was that the yogurts are organic, preservatives free and low fat (oh yeah babeh!).

I was also told that the Brazilian chocolate from AMMA is the number 1 award-winning chocolate which are organic and fairtrade.

Healthy desserts, I hear? ;) But most importantly for me, may I emphasize that the desserts served at Cacao Green are low fat and low in calories? I can eat all I want - GUILT FREE! Woohoo!

Green tea frozen yogurt with macadamia topping
I looked at the menu, pondered for a bit, then immediately decided to go for the green tea frozen yogurt. I absolutely enjoyed it can!

Having said that though, I wished the matcha flavour was just that little bit stronger. Then again, I am a mad green tea lover, so maybe it's just me. 

Organic Frozen Yogurt - gluten free with probiotics to support immune system
I also requested to taste in mini cups all of their frozen yogurt flavours. Their signature flavour is the Italian Original flavour that you see on the top right corner - sweet, tangy and very refreshing.

The seasonal flavours on the other hand, rotates throughout the year with the organic Brazilian chocolate, strawberry and matcha being the flavour for this season.

I didn't quite enjoy the chocolate as much because although it tasted good as you first take a spoonful, there was a bitter aftertaste that I didn't particularly like. 

The strawberry was really good though, and I heard that it goes well with the cheesecake topping. I can imagine how good that will taste!

Add on toppings for $1 each, or 3 for $2.50
The frozen yogurt is yummeh just by its own, but if you add toppings, they get even yummier!

The toppings range from seasonal fresh fruits, to compotes, granola and a variety of nuts and even the aforementioned cheesecake bites!

Mixed Berries Parfait - strawberry, blueberry, banana & granola
Apart from frozen yogurt, they also serve parfaits - which I'd simply say is the original flavour mix with 4 fixed toppings.

There are two different type of parfaits available - the tropical and mixed berries. Quote the brother, "Awesome parfait!" I liked it too; equal amount of yogurt and fruits but wished there'd be more granola.

If you work in the city, you can now rethink lunch! ;) I am so going back to try the tropical (mango, pineapple, banana and granola) sometime soon. 

Matcha Green Tea Latte 
But the best bit of all, was this - a smooth blend of Japanese matcha green tea and organic milk. The best green tea latte I've ever had! I need to go back soon for my green tea latte fix soon. So good! :D

Cacao Green on Urbanspoon

Thank you Nuffnang for organising the food bloggers meet-up and more importantly, to Alvina from Cacao Green for the complimentary low-fat yummehness! Can you take me as Cacao Green ambassador? :P

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