Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hello again, Luxbite! ;)

Ever since my first visit to LuxBite in early January, so much has changed. They have evolved and grown tremendously over the past 6 months to be where they are today and heck do they need an update!

I revisited LuxBite on the first day they started serving brekkie and I gotta say that I absolutely loved everything that I tasted that morning!

MeatBite - twice cooked pork belly, bacon, Italian pork sausage cooked together with baked beans and homemade potato rosti, then topped with a poached egg.
When we ordered the Meatbite, we expected it to be served separately instead of all-in-one cooked together in a terrine-like casserole dishware. It wasn't specifically stated on the menu, so I guess we got a tad bit confused. But it was a hearty dish, nonetheless.

VegoBite - a poached egg sitting atop a bed of baby spinach and poppy seed roasted pumpkin with garlic roasted field mushroom and roasted vine tomato by the side; and of course, not forgetting the really good La Madre's toast served with goat's cheese. 
As much as I liked Meatbite, I didn't quite enjoy it as much as I did the Vegobite - which is in no doubt a pretty simple dish, but delish and beautifully done I must say! Did I also add that I am going back to Luxbite again this weekend for the VegoBite? ;)

And no, I shall refrain myself from digging into more sweets because I have recently commenced my Journey to Thindom. Finger's crossed I'll keep to my words alright - hopefully my sweet tooth don't kick my hardly-gained self-control all the way back to Planet Pluto.

But to be honest, I've actually tried most of their desserts, it's just that I... erm, haven't had the chance to blog about it yet because I am a delayed blogger like that. :P

Anyhoos, back to Luxbite's brekkie, if memory serves me right, breakfast starts at 8am until noon. They also serve lunch from 12-3pm, but I've yet to give that a go. Hint: twice-cooked pork belly sandwich! Maybe on my next next visit! ;)

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Oh, may I also add that the service at LuxBite is fan-bloody-tastic? All the staff are so friendly, and they always try their best to cater to everyone's needs. Pair awesome customer service and a cozy cafe, I can sit there all day having one dessert after another.


Iron Chef Shellie said...

I was like... i don't know this blog.... :P bahaha!!

I'm a luxbite-aholic. AND PROUD OF IT!!

The Bakeanista said...

Hehehe! Now you do! The Bakeanista, keep that in mind okay! =P

ME TOO! *hi-5!*

thanh7580 said...

You're all major addicts. I'm just a fan. Can't wait to try the breakfast stuff this weekend.

The Bakeanista said...

Hahaha! I think Shellie is more of an addict than I am. But gosh, I've been to Luxbite last weekend, and will continue to be going to Luxbite for the next two weekends! MADNESS!

sherringbone said...

Do they do hot desserts or pre-baked stuff from a display cabinet?

sherringbone said...

Hi Bake-a-nista

Do they do hot desserts or is it just baked stuff(macarons etc) from a display cabinet?


The Bakeanista said...

Hi Simon, they mostly serve desserts from the display cabinet. But they also have warm desserts such as the bread and butter pudding which I absolutely LOVE and the apple tart is served warm too. :)

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