Saturday, June 18, 2011

Breezes at Crown Tower

The moment I got my first pay three months ago *kaching!*, I thought it'll be nice to bring my brother out for dinner and I jumped at the opportunity to dine at "somewhere good".

The both of us thought that since we were gonna meet up some friends at Southbank area, we would dine at Crown and decided on the French fine dining restaurant - Breezes.

Bread was served warm at our arrival - I cannot emphasize enough how much I love warm dinner rolls to kick start my dinner.

It would have been better if we were served the bread with butter, instead of olive oil. But well, that is just my personal preference.

We decided not to have any entrée as it was already past 9pm when we arrived, so we jumped straight into mains.

My brother had the Victorian Farm rib eye, served with red wine jus and a bed of spinach beneath. Being the greedy pig that I always am *oink oink*, I tried a small piece of the steak.

It was very beautifully cooked I must say, and I can still remember how good the bed of spinach that isn't visible in this picture tasted. 

I, on the other hand, had the double lamb rack and braised neck with eggplant purée and caponata. I have only two words for it - loved it!

This was totally unexpected but hey, one of the best lamb I've had by far. True story. And very well presented too, I must add. ;)

After the wait staff cleared our table and presented us with the dessert menu, I thought for long enough but being the indecisive person that I am, I still wasn't able to decide what to go for. 

In the end, I went full on and ordered the dessert platter. It was the best decision I made that night - the dessert platter was so good, oh boy, it was to die for! *slurps*

This is my favourite among the lot - raspberry parfait with crushed honeycomb and passionfruit. It was so light and refreshing; perfect to cleanse our palette. Yet at the same time, so full of flavour. Yums!

I've never had star anise in my dessert before so I was quite apprehensive of how it would turn out to be.

But oh dear, Breezes have certainly done well - this star anise plum crumble with vanilla bean ice cream was so good.

I'm gonna sound so like a kid, but I enjoy eating crème brûlée only because of the crack effect that it has when I poke my spoon through.

Crème brûlée's in general are too sweet for my liking, but my brother absolutely loved this maple crème brûlée with chocolate and hazelnut tuille, he polished it clean.

I ain't no big fan of chocolate; I'm just someone who sadly, does not get chocogasm. So, when served with a super rich Valrhona chocolate tart, I just didn't quite appreciate it as much as a choc-lover would.

But may I add, the caramel cognac ice cream was too good, when paired up with the tart - it was a perfect combo! :)

Breezes on Urbanspoon

Not only was the food and dessert good, the atmosphere was great too. The service was fab with the friendly staff being attentive to our needs, and the view over Southbank just adds on a plus point.

I had a wonderful night with my brother. Since he has always been the one to settle the bill every time we eat out, it was nice to be able to buy him a nice dinner in return. :)


Michelle Chin said...

i was at crown yesterday afternoon. hehe.

I never thought of going to breezes...

The Bakeanista said...

You can consider now. :)

Ashley said...

Hi, is the dessert platter the Tasting plate for two? Im going there soon :D

The Bakeanista said...

Hi Ashley, yeap it is for two! :) I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

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