Sunday, March 27, 2011


When Adam was still in Melbourne, he frequented Chimmy's with his friends quite often. He has been telling me about it, and he said that I had to try it out.

I've been wanting to, but never actually got around to until a fortnight ago when Jenna and I had nothing better to do, we decided to go indulge.

I love the cafe's setting and atmosphere. And we quickly settled down after we made our pick, and presented our Entertainment Card voucher to obtain a 25% discount on our sweets. ;)

I remember the "White Heaven" being on Adam's favourite list. And it was the last piece left so I figured, it must be good.

White Heaven is made up of a thick layer of white chocolate mousse, strawberry compote and almond dacquoise.

In terms of taste, it was not too bad. But the fact that it was overly sweet, actually put me off big time. Believe it or not, even with me being a sweet tooth, I actually struggled to finish the small slice.

Jenna, who had a big trouble deciding what to have, made an impromptu decision and ordered the tiramisu, which was sadly, an epic fail. :(

There was no hint of mascarpone or cream cheese in it at all. It was all just cream! What is a tiramisu without mascarpone, really?

And as you can see in the above pictures, there wasn't enough coffee-infused sponge layer too, it was only a small bit in the center which wasn't sufficient. Especially with the entire cake being so rich with cream.

Jenna was saying, "Even your tiramisu tasted better than this! Tell them to hire you to make their tiramisu!" But I honestly think it's because they wanna save up on cost, because mascarpone definitely cost a lot higher than cream. Oh wells.

She wasn't happy and obviously was not stuffed, because after a few small bites of her tiramisu, she gave up and chucked it aside. She went to order a pumpkin pie and thankfully it was quite good.

The filling was good, but if the crust was slightly more crisp, it would have been yummers. I hope the chef gets to read this somehow, and make some improvements. :)

We both decided that we most probably would not return again, for we were very disappointed with the desserts. But if you love super sweet cakes, or super-creamy-without-cheese-tiramisu, by all means.

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I really REALLY do hope that they do something bout the tiramisu.


Michelle Chin said...

Super sweet stuff is not my kind of thing. :( Thank god you've reviewed this place so I wouldn't make any mistakes.

edward said...

don't you think owners have the personality traits of their pets?

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Mich: Hahaha, I hope one day someone will come up to me and say, "Hey y'know what? I tried Chimmy's and their cake isn't that sweet anymore. And they finally use mascarpone in their tiramisu." :P

Eddie: HAHAHA! u mean when coodie eats something that she doesn't like, she chuck it aside? lol!

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