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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Hardware Societe

It was a Saturday, which meant that most cafes are closed, leaving my cousins and I with limited choices for brunch. We first thought of 'The European' but it was fully-booked, as usual. I googled breakfast places and up came The Hardware Societe.

I've heard so much about this newly-opened Spanish cafe, but to be frank, nothing much on the menu really appealed to me at first glance. Seeing as my cousins were quite interested though, I thought, why not?

I love the interior of the cafe because it felt very cosy and the wait staff there were really friendly too. If Jenna were to visit them, she'd definitely tip them generously for their service.

Well, if you don't already know, I love everything cute, and this pretty knitted teapot cosy definitely made me go 'awww'. *giggles*

My cousin, Fei, enjoyed her cuppa Earl Grey tea, while I on the other hand, chose to have coffee instead.

It took me by surprise when they served me with a cup of espresso and a side jug of hot chocolate separately. I definitely think it's a unique and clever way of serving mocha. ;)

And see that complimentary miniature cinnamon donut served with the tea and coffee? It was yums! :D

I opted for the baked eggs with bull pepper sofrito and jamon (dry-cured Spanish ham), served with olive-oil drizzled baguette.

Well, to be honest, I kinda regretted my choice. It's not because it didn't taste good or that it wasn't cooked properly. It was quite alright actually, but I'd put it this way - it wasn't as good as it appeared to be.

It was way too salty for my liking, and I guess I just don't appreciate the flavor of the spices which came from the sofrito, which is quite a shame actually. :$ But if you're a fan of baked eggs and you love spices, you might love this dish. ;)

Now that I've tried the baked eggs, I think I'd still prefer my eggs poached. What bout you? Do you prefer your eggs boiled, baked or poached? :D

Fei had the poached eggs and smoked salmon topped with hollandaise, which was served also with roasted truss tomato, and potato rusti at the side. From the looks of it, she seemed to have enjoyed her meal a lot. Then again, it's poached eggs and hollandaise... Who wouldn't? ;)

Ah, I totally loved this - fried brioche; served with stewed blood orange, 54% dark chocolate and clotted cream. Uber yummeh! It's something that I'd definitely return for again. :D

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So yeah, if ever you want to give The Hardware Societe a try, just keep in mind that they're located on Hardware Street, and not Hardware Lane where most cafe are. Have a good weekend, y'all!


Michelle Chin said...

fried brioche; served with stewed blood orange, 54% dark chocolate and clotted cream. Uber yummeh! It's something that I'd definitely return for again. :D

Reminds me of fried mars bars. :D

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Where can I get fried mars bars? Everybody's been raving bout it, but I haven't actually tried it before. :$

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