Friday, August 6, 2010

Never judge a book by its cover.

I walked past this Hotel Lincoln like a million times already on my way up Cardigan St. to Lygon St., but I've never took notice of it before.

But both my dear friends, Jenna and Eddie, kept insisting that I simply have to try their steak and my impression of this old corner pub would change immediately, and well, forever.

Although they're as foodie as I am, but truth be told, I didn't really believe that it could be THAT good. I mean c'mon, don't you all agree that the building does give out a dodgy vibe?

So of course, the fine dining settings did take me by surprise. I stepped in the front door thinking that we were going to be dining at the pub front bar area, whilst at the same time wondering, "Ah, how good could a steak at such a place be, really?"

But when Jenna led me into the other side of the building, I was completely amazed at how there were two sides of Hotel Lincoln packed into one - the aforementioned traditional corner pub front bar atmosphere and a fine dining restaurant where we were seated.

Both Eddie and Jenna kept going on and on about the Middle Eastern spiced crab cake which was served also with tabbouleh, so of course they had to make me try it. Simply spread on some tahini yogurt on the crab cake and chuck it all into your mouth... You'll be like YUMMEH!

Eddie also ordered the ox tail and winter vegetable soup. It was so rich in flavour that I think Eddie had gotten foodgasm right there and then. I think he could do with yet another bowl although Jenna and I were happy just with a couple of spoonfuls. :P

A tad while after they cleared away our entree, came the much-talked-bout-steak. Jenna and I shared this 18-month old yearling rib eye and boy! My, oh my, it was simply so juicy and tender. The flavour just explodes in your mouth and makes you moan, "Oomph!"

They were certainly right; the steak was mind-blowing. It's the type of steak that makes you wanna go back again and again. Of course, my pictures do not do the food enough justice as the lighting was really dim in the restaurant, but trust me, it was AWESOME!

Eddie had the 260g eye fillet to himself and I'd say ours was way better. If you're planning to go, grab a couple of friends with you so just like Jenna and I, you can share the 750g steak together. And best still, we had 25% off the total bill because we have the Entertainment Card. :D

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Like the idiom that goes 'never judge a book by its cover', we should not judge a restaurant's food by the looks of its building. Because you never know what hidden treasures are tucked inside! ;)

And boy, it does feel like I'm turning into a foodie, isn't it? All I blog about these days is my gastronomy adventures. Hmm, maybe I should really consider turning this blog into a food blog. Then again, maybe not.

Otherwise where can I go to, to rant when I need to vent my emoness or frustration? :P Hahaha! Yes yes, I'm not sparing you guys the pain of listening, or more like reading my nonsensical crap. Too bad for you. ;)

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