Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hakka Xi Ban

I have always loved this snack since I was a little girl and mummy would always return from the night market with two of these kuih for me. I had no idea that it was a Hakka delicacy as it was always known to me as "ki-ka-ku". It wasn't until I had a sudden craving for it now that I'm in Melbourne, that I tried looking up for its recipe and found out that it's called 'xi ban'.

Hakka Xi Ban
Recipe by Aunty Yochana

1 tsp yeast
150g plain flour
125ml water

150g plain flour
150g glutinous rice flour
125g sugar
150g water
a few drops of pink colouring

Banana leaves - grease with oil

1) Mix all ingredients from (A), cover and keep overnight.

2) Mix all the ingredients (B) together, and combine with mixture from (A) into a soft dough and proof for another 4 hours.

3) Divide soft dough into 50g each (rub palm with cornoil) and place on top of a greased banana leaf. Leave to proof for another 15 mins.

4) Steam over moderate heat for 15 mins.

5) Remove from steamer and leave to cool.

Although my xi-ban's are kinda ugly and not as smooth as it's meant to be, but at least the texture & taste is almost similar to those mummy always buy from pasar malam. YAY! :D

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