Wednesday, April 28, 2010

There she goes again...

Yes to Mart 130 AGAIN!!! :D

I simply cannot get enough of this place! :)

Best Iced Choc I've ever tasted in Melbourne!!! Like seriously yum!
I was afraid I might regret not ordering the mocha, but this was good.

Pweety fushcia and purple flowers! :D

My scrambled eggs with parmesan, truffle oil, mushrooms, and spinach.

My friend went for the poached eggs with salmon, creme fraiche, spinach and salsa! And I being the greedy pig had to take a bite. Boy, it was so yummmmmm, I kept wanting more.

Head over for yums already, peeps!
They're open 7.30am to 3pm daily! ;)

Mart 130 on Urbanspoon
Read about my previous experience here. :)

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