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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Breakfast Thieves

Who stole my money huh?!! Who?!! *angry face*

The Breakfast Thieves did - just look at their loot!!

Lol, please don't ask me why I am so lame! xD This is what happens when you're sick, bored, and being forced by the doctor, to stay home for 3 whole days.

I tried negotiating, but this doctor was so strict, he was like, "No, you stay home until Wednesday! Go back to work only on Thursday."

Not exactly a bad thing since I get time off work, though I have to admit... it can get a little boring not being able to step out! Especially when Spring is here, and the weather is so beautiful.

But, on a more positive note, I can finally catch up on my blogging and finish this post on the Breakfast Thieves that I've been wanting to write since god-knows-how-long ago! ;)

Hidden at corner of Gore Street - off the infamous shopping strip, Smith Street - lies this little gem. I really like the layout, vibe and atmosphere as we walked in the door. The Breakfast Thieves stole my heart at first sight. *so punny omg!*

I remember during my visit to the Breakfast Thieves a couple of months back, I was going through what seemed like the toughest and most emotional week in my short career history. I thought, screw heart palpitations, I'm having a mocha!

I love love love the smell of coffee and I like to enjoy a cuppa mocha every now and then, except sometimes if the coffee portion is a tad too strong, my heart starts to beat so fast it feels as though it is about to blast through my rib cage. This however, certainly was a cup of mocha worth having despite the palpitations. ;)

The Brudder, Mummy and I had a really heavy breakfast prior so we thought we'd order just two items to share, with one of them being 'The Legend' - spicy baked eggs with spanish chorizo, roasted mushroom, green peas, feta, served with herbed garlic toast.

What I like most about this dish was how perfectly cooked the eggs were - gooey yolks gushed their way out along the thick tomato-based sauce as I ran my knife through. Perfect, when eaten with the garlic toast which went really well with the hot spices.

We also couldn't go past the Brioche Pain Perdu after reading its description - French toast served with spiced wine poached plums, white chocolate mascarpone mousse & candied pistachio. How yummy does that sound?

This decadent sounding dish turned out even more beautiful presented on the plate, so much so that it deserves two shots. The crisp, buttery brioche, dipped in the most amazing mascarpone, and paired with a small piece of poached plum - one word: HEAVENLY!

It certainly was the highlight of the day which Mummy could not stop talking about. Up until now, she still refers to this dish with comments (in true Malaysian style), "Ahhh that one so good - this one cannot compare lah!". ;)

Like I said, they have stolen my heart with the fantastic ambience... and even more so with this amazing French toast.

Breakfast Thieves on Urbanspoon

I'd be back, hopefully sometime soon. I want to bring The Boyfriend here - I'm sure he'll love the French toast just as much as I do. ;)


Daisy@Nevertoosweet said...

You poor thing have been sick quite a few times this year :( hope you feel better soon! I really liked the French Toast at Breakfast Thieves too ~

The Bakeanista said...

Thanks love I'm so much better already! 99% recovered hehe. Yeah I can't wait to go back for the awesome brioche pain perdu so so good!

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